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As well as English, the BBC runs news websites in 27 languages. The past 12 months has seen a programme of launching these World Service sites in a responsive framework that optimises our pages on all phones.

In many countries, mobile is the primary means of accessing the internet. We now have 15 news language sites in responsive: Hausa, Indonesian, Afrique, Hindi, Mundo, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Vietnamese, Brasil, Azeri, Gahuza, Swahili and Kyrgyz. The programme continues into 2014.

In many cases, the move to responsive has led to a sharp and immediate rise in unique visitors. In the 12 weeks after the switch on the Haua (Nigerian) site, unique visits rose by 57%. Hindi saw a rise of 37% across the same period, and Arabic 24%.

The move to responsive presents several challenges:

Video explaining the BBC's move to responsive sites: